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четверг, 1 октября 2009 г.

Were Illuminati Jews Responsible for Holocaust?

In 1988, Gunther Plaut, a prominent Canadian Rabbi, published a book implying Frankist Jews were responsible for the holocaust. The idea was endorsed by no less an authority than Elie Wiesel.
"The Man Who Would be Messiah" is a novelized biography of Jacob Frank (1726-1791) who led a Satanic heresy against orthodox Judaism. He claimed to be the Messiah and reincarnation of another Satanic impostor, Shabbetai Zvi (1626-1676). Their aim was to destroy the social order (nation. family, race, religion, property) and turn Torah morality on its head.
What had been prohibited would be allowed: adultery, incest, pedophilia. (This is the occult origin of our "sexual liberation.") Inspired by the Cabala, they practiced "holiness through sin." Good would come through the annihilation of Western civilization and the triumph of Evil.
The Rothschilds were Sabbatean-Frankists. This Satanic movement gave birth to the Illuminati, Communism and the NWO. It controls the world today. But ironically, while many Illuminati pretend to be Jews, they actually wish to destroy Jews who earlier had excommunicated and vilified them. Thus, there is an unrecognized schism in the Jewish people, where heretics have exterminated the mainstream and taken control of the remnant through Zionism. Yet, due to the anti-Semitism the Illuminati Jews cause and organize, Jews mistakenly cling to their leadership.
The Nazi hierarchy was probably of Frankist origin. We'll look at this evidence later. But first we'll examine what Rabbi Plaut, who was President of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said about their holocaust plan.

The Frankists cover their tracks. Biographies of Jacob Frank are out of print and very expensive ($300). Nevertheless Gunther Plaut researched Frank thoroughly and presented a perceptive and complex portrait of Frank as a conscious con-artist who sought power for its own sake. According to Plaut, Frank regarded Jews as a barrier to the "new order." He puts these words in Frank's mouth:

"Yes, the Jews. Someone will come and discover that he can't upset the old values without destroying the people who really believe in them and, what's worse, practise them. And when he's convinced that the Jews stand in his way he'll find ways to kill them all. Destroy them, exterminate them like vermin." (141)
In his Foreward, Elie Wiesel says Plaut "offers an interpretation of another personage i.e. Hitler who on a different level allied himself with the Evil one to destroy our people." (13)
Plaut has Frank say, "the Jews should be killed because they believe in traditional morality and thereby perpetuate the staus quo in the world." (151)
But Frank's Satanic hatred of God naturally extended to all religions: "I have come to bring revolution into the world. Muslims, Catholics, Russian or Greek Orthodox, Jews — I've come to liberate people from their enslavement to law, and I start with religion. Deceiving their priests and acolytes is a benefit to mankind, you understand." (151)

Frankists achieved power by pretending to subscribe to every religion and ideology, and by intermarriage with generational Satanists. Behind the scenes, they advanced their kinsmen and manipulated events. Thus, they gained covert control of government and economy.

They are recognized by the fact that they pretend to be Christians or Jews or Muslims etc. A typical example is John Kerry who pretended he was an Irish Catholic, when in fact his father was a Frankist Jew (who worked for the CIA) and his mother a Forbes. Barack Obama's mother may have been a Frankist/Illuminati Jewess. Another example is the English Rothschilds who marry non-Jews yet pretend to be Jews. They are all Illuminati Satanists.
The Frankists waged war against Jews by denouncing the Talmud and accusing Orthodox Jews of ritually sacrificing Christian children. Frankists were responsible for numerous pogroms. Is it possible that Hitler's psychotic hatred against Jews was due to his Frankist background? His grandfather is believed to be Jewish. (A Jew, Frankenberger, paid child support.)
(Left-Meyer Lansky? No. Josef Goebbels)
In the book "Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel" (1974) author Heineke Kardel quotes German Jew Dietrich Bronder:
"Of Jewish descent, or being related to Jewish families were: the Leader and Reichschancelor Adolf Hitler; his representatives the Reichsminister Rudolf Hess; the Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering; the Reichsleader of the NSDAP Gregor Strasser, Dr. Josef Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Heinrich Himmler; the Reichsminister von Ribbentrop (who pledged close friendship with the famous Zionist Chaim Weizmann, the first head of the State of Israel who died in 1952); von Keudell; field commanders Globocnik (the Jewish destructor); Jordan and Wilhelm Hube; the great SS-Leaders Reinhard Heydrich, Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and von Keudell II, who also were active in the destruction of Jews. (All of them were members of the secret Thule Order/ Society) " (Bronder, Before Hitler Came, 1964)
Moreover, Churchill, FDR and Stalin were also Illuminati or Frankist Jews. So you can see how the Second World War could have been contrived partly to fulfill Frank's goal of exterminating the Jewish people.
Frankists may explain the presence of 150,000 part-Jewish soldiers in the German army.

By blaming "the Jews" for the NWO, patriots are falling into an Illuminati trap. Patriot and Jews alike need a new paradigm. The Jewish people, and indeed all religions and nations, are led by Frankist (Illuminati) Satanists, their lackeys and dupes.
Whatever we think of European Jewry, like Germans, Poles and Russians, they had a highly developed civilization. The goal of both revolution and war is to destroy Western civilization. Thus the Frankists (Illuminati) took charge of both sides and incited war for its own sake. In the process, they exterminated civilized Jews who had traditionally opposed them.
We remain in denial until we recognize that culture and politics are controlled by Satanists bent on destroying Western civilization. We can't see it because we "see through the spectacles they set aside our nose."

left/ Meyer Lansky
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  1. Лев Поляков во 2–м томе «Истории антисемитизма» (Москва, 1999 г.) приводит данные американского историка Джекоба Робинсона, опубликованные им в 1970 году о числе евреев, умерщвленных нацистами в разных странах Европы в период Второй мировой войны. Вот они (в таблице отсутствуют Дания и Болгария):
    № Страны Число уничтоженных
    1 Польша и СССР 4,565,000
    2 Германия 125,000
    3 Австрия 65,000
    4 Чехословакия (в до мюнхенских границах) 277,000
    5 Венгрия 402,000
    6 Франция 83,000
    7 Бельгия 24,000
    8 Люксембург 700
    9 Италия 7,500
    10 Нидерланды 106,000
    11 Норвегия 760
    12 Румыния (без Трансильвании и Бесарабии) 40,000
    13 Югославия 60,000
    14 Греция 65,000
    Всего 5,820,960

    Существует множество источников, показывающих, что приведенные в таблице данные в ряде случаев явно занижены. Более того, рассекреченные недавно в Англии и США документы дают основание увеличить общее число умерщвленных гитлеровцами евреев до СЕМИ миллионов, включив сюда ДВА миллиона детей. Будем помнить слова писателя Григория Бакланова: «Пуля, убившая солдата, летит дальше. Она убивает его не родившихся детей, внуков и правнуков...» Она летит и летит. А здесь семь миллионов безоружных и среди них 2 миллиона детей.

  2. Наглый пиздёж про хо-хо-холокост! Жидам на руку! Их гитлер-еврей спасал на самом деле!